Review: Design By Hümans Collector's Boxes

Hi there! Long time since my last review! I've just received my Design By Hümans limited edition Collector's Box and I'm ...

Hi there!

Long time since my last review! I've just received my Design By Hümans limited edition Collector's Box and I'm eager to tell you about these subscription boxes!

I try my best to keep the reviews honest and useful. You can tell me your experiences or whatever in the comments section.

I write my reviews as customer and designer, so those reviews are meant to guide you about the products and what do you need to know about selling through that shop.

Now let's talk about that tasty Collector's Box!

How it works

Each collection contains two shirts and two stickers designed by two different designers, it's monthly released and has a theme. The designs remain unknown until the customer receive the order.

They choose the participant artists, so this time there's no submission process (anyway, I encourage you designers to open a shop in Design By Hümans and talk with their staff about it. I'll do another review for DBH Collective shops ok? And I'll let you know how it works)

Check the payment plans for the subscriptions:

The price is cool, since each Collector's Box real value is $50! So it's worth the try.

My participation

DBH staff asked me to work an exclusive design to be sold in their February limited edition Collector's Box along other design from the awesome BeastPop.

February's theme was about Monsters, I was delighted! I prepared a one-color design about a modern Dracula. I wanted it to have a classic videogame cover feeling. It was inspired as well in the rpg Vampire: The Masquerade, Bram Stoker's Dracula (book and film) and Dracula Untold.

I hope you like it!

The tees come in a black plain box with the popular Design By Hümans logo on it. Elegant yet simple.

The T-shirts

The DBH Collector's Box tees have cool screenprinted tags on the neckline (so there's no need to cut those uncomfortable scratchy tags, oooh I hate them). They state that you'll wearing a very exclusive tee!

The designs are screenprinted, with a soft but sturdy feeling, light and large! The print size is so cool, I dig big printed T-shirts.
The T-shirts are 100% combed ringspun cotton. Lightweight, softness, I hate very heavy tees with thick fabrics. Try ringspun, ringspun is cool.

I asked for a womens XXL. They usually have slightly smallest sizes for women, more fitted to body, so I ordered this time one size up.

Mine has a grey print so I cannot say how colors look on it lol, but I can tell you how they look on the BeastPop T-shirt!
Magentas looks so vivid, with a solid but light coat of ink. The werewolf pops from the tee with a bloodylike overall feeling. Let's see the color work:

Ok this doesn't show any color accuracy but my phone camera caught the overall design this washed out lol check out the following photos for the more accuracy (yet not 100% real colors).

My boyfriend loved BeastPop's design, it's so rad.

My Dracula tee can't show you how colors are printed, but can give you an idea of how extremely detailed the screenprinting work is. All my crazy ink work is showing. Nicely done DBH!

The Collector's Box comes with stickerrrrrzzzz! Loved them so much. I gave the BeastPop one to my boyfriend because poor thing he doesn't got a BeasPop Werewolf tee lol.

OVERALL RATING: 5/5. This is serious fine shit yo.

PROS: Everything stated on this post.

CONS: Nothing at all. I don't have any idea of how to improve this. Maybe adding fireworks, acrobats, Tom Hiddleston and confetti to the game. Yeah, it lacks of Tom Hiddleston a bit.

If you want to subscribe, you can do it >>HERE<<

Well buddies this ends here.

If you want a tip, try to do your research before shopping something through internet. Reviews can save you some mistakes and inernet its plenty of them! I hope you liked my review and I encourage you to check my other ones. Don't forget to pay a visit to my DBH store and try to be happy as much as possible. Share that happiness, that brings joy back.

And remember: sharing is caring.

See you in my next review: Redbubble!

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