Black Friday Deals

Hi folks! I've gathered for you all the online shops offering Black Friday deals, so you can get my products from the shop you like with very tasty discounts! Here's the graphic (link list below):

Esp/ Hola compaes! He recopilado para vosotros todas las tiendas online que ofrecen ofertas de Black Friday, para que podáis pillar mis cosicas donde queráis con sabrosos descuentos! Aquí está el gráfico (lista de enlaces abajo):

Modify Watches: modifywatches.com/medusa



Review: Liveheroes shop

Me wearing Live Heroes stuff!


I'm back, writing a new review for you, customers and creatives worldwide!

As I already run so many shops, I'm trying to keep only the ones that works well for me and my customers. It requires a lot of effort, attention and energy to keep the shops running, so I'm kind of selective, and I tend to keep the ones that offers something that I'm interested to sell. I was looking for shops that sells printed all-over apparel at affordable price + nice quality.

I received an invitation to join Live Heroes (formerly More Sexy) months ago. Perfect timing, its the kind of product I was looking for! But before to announce this new addition to my shop list, I needed to make sure It might meet the requirements I need. And It does, in at least, 90%. Those were:

- Quality apparel.
- Variety.
- Good all-over printing quality.
- The products are shipped correctly.
- The shop pays correctly the artists.
- Good customer - artists service.
- They update the shop with new products.
- The product is comfortable.

I ordered two products to check their quality. As I said to a follower throught my FB page, I have no other all-over-print reference to compare, but I'm impressed with the products I've got. The items I've purchased are a crew neck sweater of my Medusa Imperator design and an unisex T-shirt of my Gamer Nouveau design. So well, let's review it!

Live Heroes brands panel, customizable.

The shop is Live Heroes, based in Poland. The owner brand is Mr Gugu & Miss Go. The website has cool design and it's easy to use, for both customers and designers. Designers only need their designs and a while to upload all the products. Needs to improve some web features to speed up the product addition thing, but sure they're working on it (I've already suggested it to them). If you subscribe, they'll send you newsletters with suggested brands and discounts.
The staff is nice, easy to work with. The shipping doesn't takes forever (at least not to Spain, it took two weeks to arrive) and, to date, has reasonable shipping fees for heavy products such as sweaters.

Brands looks clean and clear,
with a nice big banner space on top

The fabric is soft and light 100% polyester, good to keep the sublimation print on point. I washed mine several times and the colors didn't fade out and keep its intensity. It's a nice gear to wear as an unisex T-shirt. The neck is a bit narrow for my taste (I'm neck fat LOL), and the sleeves are much like an unisex cut T-shirt should be, so expect nothing sleeve short. I missed the option of woman cut T-shirts (wider neck, fitted and shorter sleeves) and I made them know that would be so cool if they had that kind of T-shirt in Live Heroes. If youre men or women and are interested in T-Shirts, read carefully the size chart to find the proper fit for you.

The print on the T-shirt reachs every border (as it does in stuff sewn after being printed), the stitches are on point and the print looks defined and close to the original art.

A look inside the T-shirt...

The sweaters are also 100% polyester and the print looks super defined. The design appears almost as shown in the web mockup, following the design in the sleeves! Sooooo cool. The fabric is light and very very soft, with a bit silky shiny finish, but so cozy in the inside.

Made in Poland and 100% Polyester

Again, necks are maybe a bit narrow but not uncomfortable. The lenght of sweaters are proper as well are the sleeves. The cut is unisex, so see size chart to find your perfect fit before purchasing one for you. I think it's a nice companion for winter.

A look at the stitches...


Cooooooozy fabric inside
(the tag shows here the old name)

Print game on point


Well now let's make the points here:

OVERALL RATING: 4/5, I'll keep this shop, and it's worth a purchase. They must improve some points and keep growing, but the printing quality and fabric is not the issue.

PROS: Very comfortable clothing, not expensive as crazy (for all-over printing I mean), exclusive printing sizes, a wide range of products. Recommended to designers or customers. You can put a photo of your cat, too, and have a sweater of it! Nice shipping fee.
If you're a customer, you can find there outstanding apparel in a very original print size. If you're a designer, you can play wonders with your designs. If you're both, GO and HAVE FUN!

CONS: The upload of designs is easy, but too much simple yet. It needs to be more "complex" to simplify the design uploads. It makes sense?
I also miss the women cut in T-shirts. And XL size in dresses. They say those stretch to 10cm more, but I want a size where none of us, curvy girls, hesitate to fit in.

I'm about to order a dress and maybe sweatpants or tank tops, so I will update this review with more photos and opinions about Live Heroes stuff. You're welcome to my LH shop. Thank you for reading! 



Review: Society6

Hey yaa buddies!

This is a new product review to read-before-buy performed by your friendly neighborhood Medusa!
As you know, I sometimes get samples of my own designs printed over several products to know what sort of stuff I'm selling to you. Sometimes I can get them for free, most of the times NOPE, so I hope you can understand my reviews are written as artist and customer myself, and I wish you can appreciate the effort to buy, write and share this lines with you lovely readers.

So here we go! Society6 review!

I already have several tote bags and a mug from them, and I'm pretty happy with their quality. A month ago I did a larger order (taking advantage of a nice promo they did, to purchase a XXL tote bag, mug and leggins) to check how are they doing to date, and I'm SO happy with it. Let's talk about the products one by one.
If you place several orders, each one will be shipped separately, so you'll receive several parcels. That's how I received my order.

I bought a S6 mug designed by artist Micklyn a year ago (11oz mug, THIS one, check her designs. If you are into patterns, floral and mandalas you'll fall instantly in love) and I was very impressed at first glance. To date, the mug keeps its beautiful colors and the print it's unaltered.
Since I am very satisfied with my first mug, I ordered a new one, this time with one of my own designs, MORNINGSTAR. When it came wrapped in plastic bubbles, it was unbroken and OK. Once I unwrapped it, the colors bloomed, clear and bright, close to the original work, slightly intensified for the print BUT far from being dark. Intense, with a very nice and large print, the design showed defined and nice over the ceramic surface. It brought tears on my eyes. Well nope, but at least I was so excited to receive such quality.

One of my all time favourites from Society6! I have purchased like 5 or 6 to date (check the designs I own or I owned: Gamer Nouveau, Rabbit Hole, Bea González, Claudia SG). And always received a well printed product. I have tried sizes 13"x13", 16"x16" and 18"x18". Their tote bags are pretty resistant and cool. I carried them away for picnics, beach, traveling, yoga and such.

I added to my order an XXL tote bag of my design Titania Stigmata (18"x18") to carry away my biggest art supplies. As always, the print came out AMAZING. Intense colors, so close to the original illustration, well defined details in spite the fabric texture, comfortable, well stitched. I think tote bags are definitely the strong point in Society6. Very well made.

The first thing I've thought when I unwrapped them was "OW is this supposed to fit me? No way!" Yes, after the first impression THEY FIT just as the required size.
They have a regular waist, and I'm much into high-waist pants, so this was a bit discouraging at first, but it's my taste after all. I understand that everyone doesn't want leggins right under the boobs hahah. After my first yoga class wearing them, wasn't a bother at all due those aren't low-waisted, but I still prefer high-waisted leggins. I love to keep my big belly inside the yoga pants while doing asanas!
Other IMPORTANT thing to point at is that Society6 leggins are built in thick material, BUT can be a bit see-through the fabric on clear and uncovered-by-design areas, so dark underwear can show. I'm trying to fix that adding more patterns and art details to those uncovered areas in the "butt", I feel guilty in some way because I'm not used to work in leggins.
Anyway, I'm not unsatisfied with them, those are comfortable and the print came out so vivid and detailed. Not bad. But yes, I need to fix the coverage.

I dig so much the Society6 snake logo

Wep, the butt thing. I need to put some
design over that see-through area.

This time I didn't ordered tees but I want to share my experience with S6 T-shirts as we bought a couple in the past, and after gathering several customers experiences.
The ones we've received were fine enough and we loved them (Tinta Negra and Sin titulo are the designs, by Solange scf, what a lovely stuff she has!) but I know they are not TOP in the T-shirt industry. In fact the weakest point in S6 are the printed tees (not the all-over print T-shirts, but the simple ones). Online T-shirt shops are reaching some quality levels that can beat the less skilled T-shirt printers, so the rivalry is big. Actually, Neatoshop is doing an outstanding printing work, so the bar is setted high.

OVERALL RATING: 4/5 It's worth a purchase!
PROS: Promos and free shipping - Mugs - Tote Bags - Leggins - Prints - Delicate products come properly protected.
CONS: Weak point on T-shirts, leggins may be a bit see through in clean plain areas, normal shipping to Europe may be a bit expensive (Europeans, use PROMOS and FREE SHIPPING to get your S6 stuff and you solve this issue!).

That's all! Thank you for reading medunauts, I hope this may be helpful to you. Remember: If you want to try Society6, you're welcome to my shop! http://society6.com/medusadollmaker


Tools 1 - Herramientas 1

Eng/ Some of you asked me about what tools I'm using to paint my latest work. I don't even know if this info may be helpful or interesting, but it's easier to answer this way, with fancy photos and a list for everyone! Here we go:

- Staedler normal eraser
- Milan Jet Eraser
- Derwent electric eraser
- Faber Castell pencil eraser

- Technical pencil with 0'7 Pilot Blue leads (for drawing I use Pentel 0'7 blue leads as Pilot color fades away)
- KOH -I- NOOR 1500: 4H
- KOH -I- NOOR 1500: HB, 4B

- POSCA white acrylic marker PC - 1M
- POSCA white brush acrylic marker PCF - 350
- TALENS  golden gouache - deep gold
- VALLEJO brush P540 #001 Toray

- Black cheap ballpoint pen.

Algunos de vosotros me habéis preguntado sobre qué herramientas estoy utilizando para pintar mi último trabajo. No tengo ni idea de si esto podría ser útil o interesante, pero es más sencillo contestar de esta forma, con unas fotos majas y una lista para todos! Allá vamos:

- Goma normal Staedler
- Milan Jet goma
- Derwent borrador eléctrico
- Faber Castell borrador lápiz

- Portaminas Pentel con minas azules 0'7 Pilot (para dibujar uso Pentel 0'7 azules porque las Pilot se desvanece el color)
- KOH -I- NOOR 1500: 4H
- KOH -I- NOOR 1500: HB, 4B

- POSCA rotulador acrílico blanco PC - 1M
- POSCA rotulador pincel blanco acrílico PCF - 350
- TALENS  gouache/témpera dorada - deep gold/oro oscuro
- VALLEJO pincel P540 #001 Toray

- Boli negro barato.