Tools 1 - Herramientas 1

Eng/ Some of you asked me about what tools I'm using to paint my latest work. I don't even know if this info may be helpful or interesting, but it's easier to answer this way, with fancy photos and a list for everyone! Here we go:

- Staedler normal eraser
- Milan Jet Eraser
- Derwent electric eraser
- Faber Castell pencil eraser

- Technical pencil with 0'7 Pilot Blue leads (for drawing I use Pentel 0'7 blue leads as Pilot color fades away)
- KOH -I- NOOR 1500: 4H
- KOH -I- NOOR 1500: HB, 4B

- POSCA white acrylic marker PC - 1M
- POSCA white brush acrylic marker PCF - 350
- TALENS  golden gouache - deep gold
- VALLEJO brush P540 #001 Toray

- Black cheap ballpoint pen.

Algunos de vosotros me habéis preguntado sobre qué herramientas estoy utilizando para pintar mi último trabajo. No tengo ni idea de si esto podría ser útil o interesante, pero es más sencillo contestar de esta forma, con unas fotos majas y una lista para todos! Allá vamos:

- Goma normal Staedler
- Milan Jet goma
- Derwent borrador eléctrico
- Faber Castell borrador lápiz

- Portaminas Pentel con minas azules 0'7 Pilot (para dibujar uso Pentel 0'7 azules porque las Pilot se desvanece el color)
- KOH -I- NOOR 1500: 4H
- KOH -I- NOOR 1500: HB, 4B

- POSCA rotulador acrílico blanco PC - 1M
- POSCA rotulador pincel blanco acrílico PCF - 350
- TALENS  gouache/témpera dorada - deep gold/oro oscuro
- VALLEJO pincel P540 #001 Toray

- Boli negro barato.


Modify Watches: My review

Hello Medunauts! Modify Watches Review here.

Well this is my 2nd review in my blog about products with my designs, but this will not be the last one. I'm busy so meanwhile I test some of the products I let the time flow between reviews. That lets me more time to have a better idea about them. There's more reviews to come: Society6, RedBubble, DesignByHümans, TeePublic, More Sexy... If you're looking for done reviews, check the Neatoshop one here.

As you know, I love to test my own stuff to see if it's worth the effort to do bussiness or manage a new shop, and of course, I'm always eager to check the quality of the stuff I'm selling to my customers. That is very important to me. For this task I usually have to purchase my own products (taking advantage of several discounts and promotions being runned LOL) and sometimes I'm lucky enough to receive free samples. That makes easy the quality review process to offer good SWAG for you.

Modify Watches staff was kind enough to send me a couple of samples, and I wanted to leave my detailed impressions only after a lot of daily use. I'm a messy person with not much delicateness so a product that resists a life shared with me is a product that is worth the inversion. These two buddies in my wrists have received my Seal of Approvation. Let me explain why.

The first couple I've chosen are "Red Queen" and "Rabbit Hole". Modify Watches shipped them to me so fast even coming from USA (I live in Spain, EUROPE) and I received them well packaged. There are two eligible sizes and the ones I received are SPORT (watch face 1.3in x 1.2in). I think this is my favourite because I feel it more wearable, specially when I'm in yoga class (yeah! I do yoga). I don't want to feel during classes any uncomfortability (just relax), so the SPORT size is OK for that.

I was very impressed! Not very heavy watches, pretty solid and WATER RESISTANT (essential for me in a wrist watch) watch face and veeeeery soft and flexible straps. And the art inside.... It was beyond words. I didn't expected that. I have no idea over what material has been printed the art on, but looks like texturized metal. Light make a nice iridescent effect over the art, so it's not just a printed paper inside the watch face with hour needles on it.

At first I must confess that I was worried about the strap. I had plastic watches before, cheap, that didn't lasted for much long, so I wasn't 100% sure that the strap tolerated the thug life I usually give to ALL my watches (poor babies). Well I was wrong about my worries. The strap is made from nice and soft flexible silicone rubber, very ressistant, wich strap holes keep unpierced until you put your watch on for first time and it means that it has never been worn before. The strap has written on it the Modify Watches words.

Well, to date the strap RESSISTED! YAY! Quality stuff buddies. It ressisted sweat, yoga classes, bike rides, bike accidents (ouch!), Long and Suspicious Showers, cold, heath, dishwashing, house tidying, even "cat-to-veterinary-all-my-damn-arms-scratched-and-bleeding" days :___D. And not only the strap has survived to all this and more, also the watch face.

As you may know, the straps are iterchangeable, and you can get even more straps to wear a different watch when you want. Cool feature yay!
The watch face is made of stainless steel and scratch-resistant polycarbonate. The watch back has the MODIFY WATCHES words engraved on it, and it looks pretty badass. The first time I tried to change the straps It was a bit hard because I'm such a lame (I've never did this before LOL), but it's easy and adjustable, so 2nd time it was a kids game.

I just love them and I recommend for daily jungle life. And calm life as well hehe.
I don't find anything bad that needs to be mentioned, but there's only a little thing that I missed (even my previous watches didn't had that feature), or better said, that would make Modify Watches BEYOND AWESOMENESS (they already are, but MORE): glow-in-the-dark needles, or something like that. I'm a person that wakes up at night half sleep to pee, so to not turn on the light to see what hour is it would be cool for every watch in the world. Just saying!

This is not related to how the watch works, but yes to how Modify Watches works and makes me proud to wear their watches: they usually host charity promotions, employ unemployed war veterans and run several benefic campaigns that helps a bit to make the world better.

Thank you for reading! I hope you choose Modify Watches Medusa collection to be your daily companion on space and TIME and beyond! Get now 20% off with code MEDUSA.

Soon more reviews. If you're worried about purchasing my products, ask me first and/or check my reviews! I can suggest you which one of my shops suits you better.


Gamer girl nouveau in Teefury

★ "GAMER GIRL NOUVEAU" ★  LLEGA a https://www.teefury.com/ el 26 de Enero!! Camis a $11, TA-DA-DA-DÁ y presentamos también CALZADO de "Gamer girl Nouveau" medunautas! Estoy MUY emocionada, es mi primer par de zapas y las voy a pillar tan pronto como las suelten PORQUE SÍ.


★ "GAMER GIRL NOUVEAU" ★ is COMING TO https://www.teefury.com/ in January the 26th! $11 T-shirts, TA-DA-DA-DA introducing the "Gamer girl nouveau" SHOES as well medunauts! I'm SO excited for it, those are my first pair of shoes and I will get them as soon as they are released because YES.





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